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10th Kup - White Belt

Sajo Jirugi - 4 Directional Punch & Block Part 1

10th Kup - White Belt 

Sajo Jirugi - 4 Directional Punch & Block Part 2

9th Kup - Yellow Stripe

Chon Ji

Student Pricelist


T.A.G.B Insurance  and club Membership £40 (Annual insurance Fee)

Childs Training Suit   £34

Adult Training Suit     £38

Club T-shirt                    £17

Childs Club Hoody     £23

Adult Club Hoody       £26

TKD Training Pants   £20  

Round Focus Pad        £16

Sparring Headguard  £32

Sparring Gloves           £27

Sparring Footguards £27

Sparring Shinguards  £21

Groin Guard                   £17

String sparring bag     £8

Gum Shield                     £3

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