European Championships Success

Amazing success in Croatia!

We travelled over to Croatia to take part in the 2019 Taekwondo International European Championships. 

Our small team of just 5 competitors performed amazingly to come away with a total of 14 medals! 4 Golds, 8 Silvers and 2 bronzes.

Freya Roberts-Howie with 2 Golds and a Silver

Lewis Byles with 1 Gold and 2 Silvers

Abbie Pritchard with 1 Gold

Finlay Howie with 1 Silver and 2 Bronzes

Mike Pritchard with 4 Silver medals.

What an amazing achievement for these students who's hard training, dedication and great sportsmanship shone through during the tournament.

Our medalists from the European Championships 2019!

Our medalists from the European Championships 2019!

Welsh Open Championships

More success in Cardiff!

We attended the annual Welsh Open Championships in Cardiff with our Team and we were excellent once again with some fantastic performances.

The winners were as follows:-

Lewis Byles - Gold Team sparring, Silver Individual sparring.

Sue Thomas - Gold Sparring and 2 Silvers in both patterns and Team sparring

Nikki Sibeon - Gold - Power Test plus 2 Silvers in 2 further power test events

Freya Roberts-Howie - Bronze Sparring

Ian Jones - Bronze Sparring.

Also great performances by Abbie and Jeff in their divisions and were unlucky not to medal this time!

Our medalists in Cardiff!

Our medalists in Cardiff! 

Black Belt Grading Success

Brilliant performances

Once again our students travelled down to the T.A.G.B Headquarters in Bristol to grade for their Black Belts and higher Dan grades.

I am very pleased and proud to announce that we now have 2 new Black Belts and 5 new 2nd Dan Black Belts at our clubs.

They all performed fantastically on the day to achieve their new grade. 

New 1st Dan Black Belts  are :- Haydon Hughes and Hannah Thomas.

New 2nd Dan Black Belts are :- Will Ellis, Samantha Hubbard, Rhian Hindley, Mark Butler and Christopher Cooper!



British Championships Success!

What a fantastic day with amazing performances!

We took our team of competitors down to the Birmingham Arena to take part in the T.A.G.B. British Championships where there were over 1,300 competitors taking part! All our students gave 100% in their performances and did themselves and the club proud. Some were unlucky not to win but it was a very difficult tournament with the very best of British Taekwondo practitioners taking part and those that did win are as follows :-

Gold - Hannah Thomas - Sparring

Gold - Sonia Roberts - Sparring

Gold - Lincoln Roberts - Sparring

Gold - Sonia Roberts - Foot Power Test

Gold - Lincoln Roberts - Hand Power Test

Gold - Lincoln Roberts - Foot Power Test

Silver - Hannah Thomas - Patterns

Silver Charlotte Thomas - Patters

Silver - Lewis Byles - Team Sparring

Silver - Mike Pritchard - Sparring

Silver - Hannah Thomas - Team Sparring

Silver - Lincoln Roberts - Grand Champion

Bronze - Finlay Howie - Sparring

Bronze - Charlotte Thomas - Sparring

Bronze - Marc Roberts - Sparring

Bronze - Mike Pritchard - Team Patterns

Bronze - Sonia Roberts - Hand Power Test

Bronze - Sonia Roberts - Grand Champion

Also brilliant performances by Phoebe Jones, Emily Vann, Freya Roberts-Howie and Abbie Pritchard. Also huge thanks to the families and supporters and the students that encourage each other during these tournaments!



2019 Tournament Medal Table

Gold  5pts, Silver 4pts, Bronze 3 pts, event attendance 1 pt

The winner at the end of the year will be 2018 Competitor of the Year.

Points are doubled for international events such as World or European Championships.

Please note that attendance points are deducted if you win a medal.

W = World Championships,  E = European Championships

NAME            G       S        B      ATT   PTS

L Byles          8(E)  9(E)                          89

MPritchard 4      7(E)                           64

F R-Howie  9(E)  2(E)  1         1          70

H Thomas    2       4        1          1         34

                                                   C Thomas    3       4         2                     37                                                    

S Thomas    2       2                     2          20

F Howie     1         1(E)    4(E)  2         27

I Jones         3        3          1                     30

APritchard 2 (E)                       1          16  

E Rider         3             1                               19         

O Thomas   2                                                   10    

G Reece  1        1                                        9       

R Hughes     1                   1                       8

S Roberts              1          1                       7

W Ellis                                 2                      6


N Evans                 2                                  8

B Evans                  1          1                    7

P Jones                   2          1          2       9

                                           J Jones        1         2                        4        16                                              

E Vann             1                  1                1       9  

K Jones                              1                       3

E Hughes                                         1        1

O Thomas                                       1        1

E Hughes                                         1        1

C McLaren                                      1       1

H Hughes                1                       2      6

M Lewis-Jones                            1        1

M Hughes                                       1         1

B Mortimer                                   1         1

M Butler                                         1         1

C Cooper                                       1          1

B Fleetwood                                1         1                                       

Welsh Squad Training with Master Peros

Every Sunday there is Welsh Squad training with Master Peros (Welsh Team Coach) at his academy in Cardiff. These sessions are open to all ages and all grades. No dobok required just training bottoms and a t-shirt, your sparring equipment and a drink of water for the much needed drink break! 

These sessions are fantastic to learn the latest techniques and to improve your sparring from one the best taekwondo coaches in the world and maybe you could even earn a place on the Welsh Team!

Training time is 10am - 12pm at The Taekwondo Centre, 194b Cowbridge Road East Cardiff CF3 1GW

Coloured Belt Grading Dates 2019

Make a note of the following dates, all gradings at our Academy in Prestatyn:-

March 17th

June 16th

September 14th

December 7th

Please arrive for your grading at 4.30pm (ALL GRADES TO ARRIVE AT THIS TIME):-



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